Congresso FIMEP 2024

FSA è lieta di annunciare il IV CONGRESSO FIMEP FORO INTERNAZIONALE DEI MEDIATORI PROFESSIONISTI che si terrà a Buenos Aires dal 26 al 28 giugno 2024

Argentina –

Otros Paises


Five reasons to attend the IV Congress of the World Forum of Professional Mediators (FIMEP), which will be held in-person in Buenos Aires at the Professional Council of Economic Sciences:

1. First-rate learning opportunity: The presence of Dr. Javier Ales Sioli, President of FIMEP, ensures high-quality content and expertise in mediation. His participation will bring valuable insights and knowledge that could enrich your practice as a mediator.

2. Networking and collaboration: A physical congress offers an ideal platform to establish meaningful connections with other mediation professionals, which can open doors to future collaborations, idea exchange, and professional development opportunities.

3. Support from prominent organizations: The fact that the Argentine Embassy of FIMEP and ODR Latin America are endorsing and organizing the event is a sign of its importance and relevance in the field of mediation. This guarantees a well-structured event with the support of experts in the field.

4. International mediation experience: The presence of international experts and the backing of FIMEP suggest that this congress will provide a global perspective on mediation, allowing you to learn about the latest trends and practices in mediation worldwide.

5. Participation of the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF): The involvement of a renowned academic institution, such as UNTREF, indicates that the event will have a solid educational focus and could offer the opportunity to learn about research and academic advancements in the field of mediation.

In summary, attending the IV Congress of FIMEP in Buenos Aires will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn from experts, establish significant contacts, gain support from reputable organizations, and broaden your horizons in the field of mediation.

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